Once you have your licence, you have the keys to freedom and it’s time to head off on your first road trip. Exciting times. You’ve packed your bags but whatREAD MORE


The second most common type of crash on NSW roads is a crossroad collision. Nearly all crossroad intersections are governed by some sort of traffic control, either traffic lights, stopREAD MORE


Yes…if practicable The road rules state: You must indicate for long enough to give sufficient warning to other drivers and pedestrians before entering a roundabout when turning left or right.READ MORE


Keeping your driver’s licence ensures that you still have the freedom to move around. Older drivers licensing in NSW is set up so that there is a balance between the safety of roadREAD MORE

Top Driving Fails

Here are our top 6 driving fails:   1. Not keeping an appropriate gap The most common type of accident in NSW is a rear-end collision.  Rear end accidents accountREAD MORE

learner driver

The focus for our blogs over the coming weeks is how to best work with your child to get their licence and keep them, and you, safe in the process.READ MORE

Be seen

At most crashes one of the drivers will get out of their car and say,  “He came from nowhere” or “I didn’t see her”. If you aim to be seen you willREAD MORE

kerbsite small

You will need to do kerbside stops in the driving test. This often overlooked skill is essential to gaining a licence. Often it will be done on an uphill grade,READ MORE

angle park

Do you need to know how to angle park? Angle parking is not often in the driving test. This does not mean that you won’t have to do an angleREAD MORE


Many learners come to our driving school just wanting to learn how to reverse park. It is seen as the pinnacle of driving skill. It is a complex manoeuvre, however,READ MORE