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Did my driving lessons with George K & could not give him any higher praise. I passed my P test with a pretty much perfect score but not only that, he has prepared me for driving by myself and gave me lessons that I will use all my driving life. Friendly, easy to get along with and a fantastic teacher above all. Could not have asked for a better instructor.

- Maddy - Age 17, Bangor

A few weeks ago I had decided to call Ltrent. I was in a dire situation after not receiving my licence after multiple attempts at the test, After hours & hours of lessons with other driving schools and with no real reason to keep up the struggle of getting my Ps. LTRENT had the answer. They sent in one of their finest, GEORGE was the man for the job! Helped me get my confidence behind the wheel back up, Coached me on what the instructors look for & gave me all the knowledge he could spare on how to be a safe driver. And of course I passed my Driving test 100% no errors, All thanks to George! I recommend George & Ltrent to everyone.

- Liam - Age 21, Sylvania

I had an excellent experience with Steve from L-Trent!! After waiting until age 29 to start lessons I was a bit nervous to start off, Steve is very clear and calm in his instruction and it's testament to him that I passed first time!!

- Rachael - Age 29, Zetland

Trent driving school was amazing! Mike went out of his way to make sure that I was well prepared for my driving test on Monday the 19th December. He was friendly and made me feel comfortable while in control of the vehicle. He regularly checked in on my progress with text messages and phone calls to make sure I was confident and comfortable. He was always available to answer my questions and went out of his way to make sure I had all the information I required.
I highly recommend Trent driving school to all my friends and family, for a safe and well-represented driving school in order to achieve the best results when going for their licence.
I would very much like to thank Mike for all his hard work, dedication and guidance in preparing me for my driving test.

- Emma - Age 17, Barden Ridge

I would like to highly recommend Colin for driving training. Perfect in everything. He gave a vey good classes made me well prepared and ready for the driving test. His care us also smooth and easy to drive. I had my baby with me for the driving classes as he provide the car seat for my baby fir classes before work. Thanks Colin.

- Hiba - Age 33, Lindfield