Safer drivers course!

Unlock the key to being a safe driver and get 20 log book hours!



Enjoyed my lessons with Jess and really happy to get the full license today. Although I have been driving for 10 years overseas, I ended up learning new skills to driver safer and park more accurately.

- Kris - Age 34, Olympic Park

It's been more than 2 years for me but I've finally got my P's!! All thanks to Billy - super friendly, super knowledgeable and super safe driving instructor!! Really got my confidence up in preparing and was there every step of the way!

- Catherine - Age 20, Glebe

Steve was fantastic. He let me learn at my own pace and coached me very well. I did extra hours and waited until I was confident before I did the test, this really paid off and again Steve was very professional and made a huge difference to my driving and my test result.

- Emma - Age 17, North Turramurra

There is no words to such incredible job from Bernie. Despite the lack of time before the test, Bernie taught me all what a safe driver needs to know and I am happy to have such experience guy supporting me at all times. Thank you Bernie and thanks Ltrent.

- Alvaro - Age 31, Homebush West

I have had my Ls for quite a while i started lessons with L trent early last year and just got my red Ps last week. Cameron was a very patient teacher. I know i could not have passed without the lessons. Everyone who is a passenger with me remarks in the improvement in my driving and confidence since commencing my lessons. Thank you again for your patience and encouragement.
Will definitely recommend L trent.

- Elisha - Age 39, Penrith