I completed my test last week with my instructor Bernie and passed first go with 107/108 !!! He was honestly such an amazing instructor, easy to get along with and incredibly helpful. I found myself a lil sentimental having to leave at the end.
Thank you so much for helping me out considering my learner license expired yesterday haha. Keep it up !!!

- Katelyn - Age 21, Padstow

I booked a ten-pack of lessons with L-Trent not really knowing what to expect.
I was lucky enough to be paired with Geoff (Geoffrey Mourade) who was able to make me feel comfortable right from the outset. Geoff's approach to teaching is very calm and pleasant, allowing me to be in control of the vehicle the whole time while learning to improve every step of the way.
I passed my driver's test today on the first attempt and I have to give Geoff full credit for being able to convert me from a mature-age novice into a P-plater in such a efficient and comprehensive way. L-Trent's entire approach to driving is about safety and comfort and though it gets you ready for the test, it also gets you ready to be a responsible and safe driver too. I think the latter is more important.

- Luke - Age 33, Milsons Point

Having just purchased a manual car, I had to not only polish my driving technique but also learn to drive a manual in six weeks in order to pass my test. Nic was extremely patient with me and was able to explain things to me and adapt to the way I learn so that I was as prepared as possible. I was particularly stressed about hill starts and reverse parallel parking, but with Nic's perseverance and repetition I not only was able to pass my test on the first attempt, but am now confident in using these skills by myself. Although I had already had my L's for quite some time (nearly 4 yrs!!) and thus was fairly confident and able to drive in varied conditions, I still found the Trent book to be extremely helpful in explaining the principles behind the way we drive. Thanks again to Trent in general and Nic in particular, I am so happy for the help and really enjoyed my lessons.

- Lucy - Age 20, Chatswood

Thanks to Colin Degney I got my license this morning. He is a fantastic instructor. He built up my confidence and got me to a place where I can drive confidently on my own. If you're looking for a relatable, calm and professional driver book with Colin. Can't thank him enough!

- Anna - Age 19, Middle Cove

Passed Miranda Test first go. Preparation with my instructor Scott Hogan was first class. The LTrent pre-test on road assessment was a great indication that I would pass. Thanks Scott

- Sean - Age 17, Narwee