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Hook Turns

If you're planning to drive in Melbourne, be prepared  for "hook turn" signs.


Hook turns involve using the left lane to turn right into a road when sharing a road with tram lines. 

Sounds unusual? They have a good reason for this.


Hook turns are used to:

- Allow the tram lines to be clear of any obstructions

- Allow traffic that's heading straight to still pass by


Hook turns can be confusing at first, but if you don't comply with the hook turn signs, you could face a $117 penalty.


How To Perform A Hook Turn

  • Move to the left lane.
  • Indicate right.
  • Enter the intersection and keep to the far left.
  • Stop at the point where you would turn right. Make sure you're not on any foot crossing markings. 
  • Wait until the traffic lights of the road you're about to enter turns green.
  • Turn right into the road and continue to drive.

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