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Do you want the freedom of being a solo driver?

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Complete the Safer Drivers Course and learn how to pass the driving test first go with Trent Driving School Central Coast.


Students at our Central Coast Driving School are taught the skills to drive safely and correctly in order to overcome the many challenges on the road.


There are many obstacles that a learner will face on the journey to get their provisional licence. This might include trying to perfect that reverse park, doing a smooth three-point turn, or lane-changing in peak traffic. However, the obstacle that is inevitable for all learner drivers is the driving test.


Unfortunately, the statistics show that the driving test is simply not a strong enough indicator to measure the safety of a new solo driver.


Some students are deterred from driver training because of the inherent risks on the road. Not to fear, Trent Driving School will provide the necessary training to equip you with the skills to survive on the roads.



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The Driving Test


As discussed above, the driving test is not a great measure of how safe you will be on the roads when you obtain your P licence. The statistics portray this harsh reality by showing that a newly licenced P-plater is 9 times more likely to have a crash. Nevertheless, learning how to drive with Trent on the Central Coast will help prepare you to pass the driving test first go and become a safer driver on the road.


How does Trent Driving School prepare students differently than any other driving school? Here at Ltrent, we believe that the best way for the student to pass first go is to have the instructor take care of the booking for them. Trent’s instructors will give you the proper tuition and resources along with friendly reminders to make sure that you are well and truly prepared for the driving test.


Many students don’t drive their best in the driving test. The most obvious of these is nerves. During or before the driving test you may have doubts, like: “Did I stuff that up?”, “I forgot how to do this”, or even, “I think I have failed”. Our job at Trent is not only refined your technical skills but also spend the time to condition, strengthen and develop your mind for the driving test. We want our students to say, “Trent made me feel confident about the driving test”, “I can reverse park by myself!”, or our favourite, “Thank you, Trent, I can now go on Maccas runs with my friends”.


Each Trent Driving School Driving Instructor on the Central Coast is a  specialist at the following RMS testing centres:


  • Toukley

  • Tuggerah

  • Erina

  • Gosford


The Trent Method


Any licensed driver or driving instructor can teach someone the basics on how to drive. Trent has developed teaching and training methods over the past 50 years in order to produce safer drivers on the road. Join the thousands of other students that have benefited from using the Trent Method.


Your driving lessons at Trent Driving School will help you become skilled, confident and the best drivers on the Central Coast by using the most successful curriculum in the industry.


It is our promise that by learning the Trent Method of safety driving, you will see tangible results. We guarantee that you will improve your driving ability faster with Trent Driving School than other driving school on the Central Coast.


Trent Handbook


Trent Driving School has developed its very own student record card and handbook as complementary resources to aid your journey in becoming a safer driver. Trent driving instructors will provide you constant feedback and achievable goals to improve your driver training progress.


Trent Specialist Trainers


Trent instructors are the most qualified on the Central Coast and in the industry. We are the leading educator of driving instructors and training. We train the trainers.


It is our duty as the leading educator of both driving instructors and students to give you the confidence that you will never crash as a solo driver and to pass first go.


Trent Service and Support


As a Trent student, you will receive the best support and service that is unrivalled in the driver training industry. No other driving school on the Central Coast can give the best support on demand better than Trent Driving School.


Trent Driving School has a highly trained team of staff to take care of your journey to becoming a safer driver on the Central Coast. They are here to help you with ANYTHING that you need. It is important to note that when you call Trent, you will speak to a human.

Give our head office a call on (02) 8748 4500 and we can organise everything for you.

In addition, students have access to Trent’s online resources on a user-friendly website. These online resources include: learning material, blogs, and booking support that extends onto our other social media platforms.

Your on road classroom experience in a LTrent vehicle will be clean, modern, and enjoyable. The lessons will be fun and supportive to help you grow as a driver. By offering a large fleet of cars and trainers on the Central Coast will give you easy access to driving lessons.



To experience the difference or speak with one of us here at L Trent, get in touch with us and let us show you why we’re the best driving school on the central coast today!

Please give us a call at our head office on (02) 8748 4500  and we can organise everything for you.