Safer drivers course!

Unlock the key to being a safe driver and get 20 log book hours!


Driving School Newcastle

How awesome would it feel to experience the freedom of driving independently?


Wouldn’t it be great to show your family and friends a perfect reverse park?




Join the thousand of students that have completed our Learn to Drive Program, Safer Drivers Course, & taken advantage of our Test Day Concierge to become the safest and best new drivers on the road.


Students at our Newcastle Driving School are taught to drive safely and correctly to tackle the many challenges on the road.


Many students approach their journey of driver training with the primary aim of passing the driving test. The statistics show that simply passing the driving test is not a strong enough measure to reflect the actual skill or safety of a new driver on the road.


Not to fear, here at Trent Driving School, it is our sole purpose and duty to serve our students by equipping them to survive on the roads by creating a learning experience that will last a lifetime.




The Driving Test


The driving test isn’t a great indicator of how safe you will be as a solo driver. Statistics show that a newly licenced P plater is 9 times more likely to have a crash now that they have received their P’s. However, this is an essential test to pass in order to obtain your provisional licence and Trent is the best Newcastle driving school to pass first go.


The best way to book the driving test is to have your driving instructor take care of it for you. Trent Driving School Newcastle will book the test for you. LTrent suggests booking your driving test well in advance to allow adequate time to prepare for the test. This gives you time to hone on your technical skills such as lane changing, parking, and three-point turns.


At Trent Driving School Newcastle we have a saying. “You won’t drive your best on test”. Most learner drivers will experience significant stress on test day, so it pays to be mentally prepared. That’s why we have designed a ‘practice test’ called the Trent On Road Test. This test will be more challenging than the RMS driving test, giving you the best chance of driving test success.


Trent Driving School Newcastle specialises in the following RMS test centres:

  • Newcastle

  • Warners Bay

  • Wallsend

  • Raymond Terrace


The Trent Method


The Trent Method is our most prized possession here at Trent’s Newcastle Driving School. The training and teaching methods that we use has been developed over 50 years. Thousand of students, such as yourself, have benefited from using the Trent Method.


Trent Driving School will develop your skills so that you become the best drivers in Newcastle. LTrent will arm you with the best driving techniques in the industry. The Trent Method will give you the power to see the tangible improvements of your driving. LTrent guarantees that you will learn the proper techniques with us than with any other driving school.


Trent’s Handbook


Here at Trent’s Newcastle Driving School, we have published our very own Learn to Drive Handbook and Student Record for you. These learning resources will provide you the proper tuition on top of Trent’s excellent practical training. LTrent will teach you the theory of driver training and develop your solid foundation in practical driving.  


Trent Specialist Trainers


Trent Driving School has trained our instructors to be the most qualified in Newcastle. All  LTrent’s instructors are trained in-house which means they will deliver the highest quality of service to you. As a leading educator of driver trains in Newcastle, it is our promise that LTrent will have your interests above anything else.  


What makes Trent Driving School so great in Newcastle? The LTrent trainers will listen to your requests, cater to your driving needs, and develop a comprehensive and personalised program that will help you become the best driver in Newcastle. It is LTrent’s duty to train you to a standard free of accidents as a solo drivers and to pass the driver test first go.


Trent Service and Support


As a LTrent student, we promise that you will receive the best customer service and support that is unprecedented in the driver training industry. Trent Driving School in Newcastle is unrivalled in our service to our students.


Trent Driving School has the most professional team of staff here in Newcastle. The team of staff in Newcastle are trained to help you with anything that you need. When you call LTrent, you will speak to a human. LTrent’s customer partners will listen to what you have to say and help you with what you need.


LTrent’s support extends beyond the phone and onto the online space. As a LTrent student, you will have access to our exclusive learning resources, blogs, and support that is available on Trent Driving School’s website and social media networks.


Trent Driving School offers the largest newest fleet of cars in Newcastle. It is our promise that LTrent’s cars will be modern, clean, and enjoyable to drive in. LTrent’s students are reassured that they will be learning in the best vehicles in Newcastle equipped with the best safety features to date.


Trent Driving School is located in most areas in Newcastle, have more availabilities than any other driving school, more manual trainers, and we are just around the corner.


As the leading driving school in driver training in industry, you will experience the best level of training and service in the whole of Newcastle!