Safer drivers course!

Unlock the key to being a safe driver and get 20 log book hours!


Safer Drivers Course



Complete the Safer Drivers Course and gain 20 logbook hours



The Safer Drivers Course is designed for learner drivers wanting to learn more about becoming a safe driver. The course will help you gain a deeper understanding about what it takes to be a safe solo driver.

Through both in-class activities and on-road coaching, the Safer Drivers Course will help you to be safe long after the driving test. The course is fun, engaging and informative.

The price of the course is $140. That is $7 per logbook hour!

The Safer Drivers Course is divided into two components:

  • Module 1 - A three-hour group discussion with 10 – 12 learner drivers.
  • Module 2 - A two hour on road coaching session with two learner drivers.

Check out our videos to see what the course looks like. More information is available below the videos.


Is the Safer Drivers Course for me?

The course is designed for learner drivers with significant on-road experience and thinking about becoming a solo 'P' plate driver. The pre-requisites for entry are:

  • Hold an NSW learners licence
  • Completed a minimum of 50 actual logbook hours. (Hours must be real driving hours and not 3 for 1 bonus hours)
  • Be under 25


What will I learn?

The Safer Drivers Course will explore the challenges that unsupervised drivers will face after they pass the test. You will learn strategies to deal with distractions, external influences and the importance of thinking ahead. Module one will cover topics such as; following distances, speed management, gap selection and hazard perception. In module 2 you will be able to put these into action behind the wheel.

What is the cost of the Safer Drivers Course?

The course is to be paid before attending the first module of the Safer Drivers Course. The set fee for the entire course is $140. The cost of the course has been subsided by Transport NSW.


Where will the Safer Drivers Course be held?

Enrol online and book securely using Trent’s online booking system. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 8748 4500 to get started. If you would like to book with a friend, give us a call with your friend’s details so we can secure the spot for them as well.



Want to find out more? Give us a call on 8748 4500, we have friendly staff waiting to help you.


Here is a list of our Safer Drivers Course locations.



Bondi Beach

Bondi Junction




Castle Hill











North Ryde






Can’t find a location near you?  ASAP and we will try our very best to arrange something for you.


Trent Driving School is accredited by the RMS to deliver the Safer Drivers Course.

To book a course at one of our Safer Drivers Course locations book online or call us on 8748 4500.


Check our venues and dates. Book today!


The cancellation policy is in place as the Safer Drivers Course has been designed to ensure applicants receive module one and that two learner drivers are available for attendance for module two of the course.


In the event of something you could not avoid e.g. illness, please contact us on 8748 4500 immediately to reschedule for another date. 


  • Non-attendance of either module will result in you forfeiting 100% of the course fee.
  • Cancellations or changes to either of your bookings for the Safer Driver Course within 48 hours of either module this will result in 100% of the course fee being forfeited.
  • Cancellations or changes to either of your bookings within 7 days of either module this will result in 50% of the course fee being forfeited.